Four Anecdotes

  • Shortly after Rabbi Kramer arrived in Montreal from Poland, a gentleman with a generous spirit wanted to give him $500 in order for him to purchase more respectable and nicer clothing. Rabbi Kramer would not accept the money and protested that he was quite happy with the clothes that he was wearing and they were fine for him. The man was not pleased.
    When Rabbi Kramer was next at a Yechidus (private audience) with the Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Y. Schneerson, he related to him what occurred with this gentleman’s offer. Rabbi Kramer added that he felt less respectable if he would accept the money. The Rebbe was pleased at Rabbi Kramer’s handling of this episode.
  • Rabbi Kramer had just returned from New York back to Montreal when he received a phone call from Rabbi MM Schneerson that the Lubavitcher Rebbe, his father in law Rabbi YY Schneerson would like him to return to New York to help in a certain matter. There was a gentleman from Toronto who was coming to New York for a private audience with the Rebbe and Rabbi Kramer knows this gentleman and if he meets with him before the Yechidus this will make it easier to accomplish what needs to be accomplished in that Yechidus. So Rabbi Kramer hurried back to New York and was successful in his mission.
  • With a sigh Rabbi Kramer mentioned to the Lubavitcher Rebbe that he feels that he does not spend enough time with his children, and he would like to devote more time to them. The Rebbe replied that he himself would take ‘achrayus’ (responsibility) for Rabbi Kramer’s children.
  • As Rabbi Kramer was becoming more and more in touch with cross sections of the community, he became their close friends and was invited to many Simchas such as weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. Rabbi and Mrs. Kramer felt that a gift to the young couple or the Bar Mitzva boy, perhaps of religious significance, was very much in order. Since salaries in the Yeshiva were very limited, one of the very close supporters of the Yeshiva encouraged Rabbi Kramer to buy an investment property to help supplement the income, and the supporter would help facilitate the purchase. They asked the Rebbe about this offer and the Rebbe asked, “Who will take care of it?” To which Rabbi Kramer replied, “Perhaps my wife will look after the building since she is home during the day to take calls.” The Rebbe said, “That is not a good idea since the occupants of the building will call with different complaints at all hours and it will be a burden for her.” The Rebbe felt that Mrs. Kramer’s focus was to bring up the children and support Rabbi Kramer in his good work and neither of them should be preoccupied with a building.
    The Rebbe gave him a Brocha for Parnoso and this helped ease the financial situation.